The Great Easter Rate Hunt


Last week, over 500 of you responded to a survey regarding our annual $1 room hunt--and we heard you loud and clear. We heard you when you said it is a fun tradition, but you're not really sure when the right time is to travel.  Many of you also said you weren't really thinking about travel right now and we don't want that uncertainty to get in the way of anyone's fun.  Your input was essential to helping us decide that later is better than sooner in this moment.  That's why we've decided to wait on our plans until The Great Easter Rate Hunt  may be more appropriately timed. 

However, it is not cancelled! We simply love it too much to go a year without watching the fun of hundreds winning rooms for $1 or $99, so we promise to host it a little later in the year when the time is right.  We also promise to keep you in the loop regarding our plans for a new date. Look for us to be in touch about other great activities during our hiatus, too.  

We remain steadfast that this moment is temporary and that gratitude is stronger than fear. That's why we can't wait to shower you with love when you come back. 

We miss you. Rest assured the beach will be waiting, and so will we.