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Experience | November 30, 2023

Beach Terrace's Wearable Leisure Design

Interiors Inspired by the Sea

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Founded in the 1960s, our little beach hotel has been a fixture since the earliest days of Carlsbad. Originally a beachfront apartment hotel, we have grown organically over the years to our current 48 rooms. Over the decades, we have deliberately chosen to be a small hotel with big rooms rather than a big hotel with small rooms.

We have always reveled in a philosophy of constant improvement. We don’t believe in standing still about what we are. While we celebrate the idea of being a chill and relaxing place to be, internally we say we are ‘passionately driven to create slow’—the kind of slow that allows for renewal.

Our design celebrates the concept of ‘wearable leisure’ with understated light colors, sun-washed plank flooring and woods, and inspiring local artwork. Our neutral palette is accented by colors of the sea: blues in every hue, the bright yellow pop of a sunny day on the beach, and the dreamy orange of a great sunset.

To create that look, in 2022 we turned to Mariana Valero, a lauded interior designer with a keen eye for luxury and modern simplicity.  Mariana created bespoke furniture designs and paired them with modern textiles and functionality. From the tamboured wood walls of the lobby, to leather luggage benches, or the custom sofas on the balcony, each piece was shepherded by her vision.   

In the end, we don’t look like a typical hotel because we don’t believe in typical hotels. Internally, we call ourselves ‘fiercely independent’ and we tried to show that in our commitment to unique, bespoke design.

Discover more and take a visual tour of our quirky hotel on the beach.